Finale Ligure Mtb in Italy.

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Finale Ligure Mtb area in Italy, where the mountain bike blends with sea scent, beech woods and pinewoods!

Finale Ligure has become one of the Top 5 destinations for mountain biking in the world according to Red Bull.
Thanks to its wide terrain variety (flowy, rocky, soft, technical), it turns out being the perfect outside gym to test your bike and improve your technical skills.
It is one of the few place in the world in which the cycling season lasts about 12 months.

Would you like to join them on epic tracks, making you feel like a local Finale Biker?

Finale Ligure mtb trails Base Nato
finale ligure mtb
Finale Ligure Mtb

New Enduro/All Mountain and E-bike tours.

There are a lots of tours to do in Finale Ligure mtb area. So, you can choose for a different solutions. With Enduro, All Mountain and Downhill bike you can choose a bike shuttle service to uplift in the majour starting point. You could start from Melogno and/or Base Nato. Maybe could choose an expert guide who can drive you on the best trails with both muscle and/or electric bikes. Base Nato is really famous because from there starts a beautifull and flow trails, when Finale Bikers ride every day and all year around. Finale Freeride offer an infinity of trails to ride. Finale Ligure mtb is a top area.


24h of Finale Ligure.

The 24h of Finale Ligure is the most important event in Finale. It will be planned for 22-24 May 2020, to make another epic mtb event in Liguria. Fun yourself in Finale Ligure with your mountain bike.

We wait for you in Finale Ligure mtb area.

Finale Ligure Mtb Area – Look the Video:

This video explains the variety of the trails from Finale Ligure Mtb area. The particularity of the singletrack trails in Finale Ligure Mtb area is backed up by the fact that the Enduro World Series has held its final round here for the past 3 years. The athletes are racing through hundreds of miles of single track terrain, through the mediaeval mountain villages and towns before heading down to the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean and the trails that lead right to the beach.